Quality, Food Safety & Environment

Quality Management at Sethness-Roquette

Company Policy

Wishing to meet the ever increasing market demand for Caramel Colour, Sethness-Roquette develops, manufactures and sells a broad range of Caramel Colours suited to meeting the needs of its customers, and guaranteeing food safety.

This is made possible, thanks to the know-how of its staff, to full control of raw materials, and to the performance of its manufacturing processes and equipment, but also thanks to the spirit of innovation and concern for constant adaptation that defines us.

This result, guaranteed by the efficiency of our organization and by the active participation of each Sethness-Roquette employee, is constantly improving through the optimization of our Company Management System.

If we are to outperform our competitors, it is essential that Quality be a central part of the development of our activity, allowing us to be perceived by our customers as the reference supplier.

Moreover, safety is a key factor of our performance. Accidents are not unavoidable events. Safety is systematically integrated prior to any operation, beginning withthe facility design phase. Safety training is essential at all levels within the company. The executive is responsible for the correct application of safety rules and safety organization in his/her sector. Each employee is responsible for his/her own safety and that of others.

The Company Policy involves the following actions:

  • To constantly improve Customer satisfaction.
  • To develop the Customer base, along with an appropriate product range.
  • To permanently improve the efficiency of our processes and the compliance of our products and services, including in particular food safety and traceability.
  • To develop the Company Management System, including food safety, the safety of persons and goods and environmental protection, in the context of current regulations.
  • To manage the transfer of knowledge, particularly through efficient training.
  • To manage the risks inherent to our activity.
  • To develop Company profitability.


Company Management System-Certification

Sethness-Roquette has developed a Management System integrating the various activities, along with Health and Safety, Environmental and Food Safety risks.

Concerning the Company's Quality Management, Sethness-Roquette has been ISO 9001 certified since May 2006.

Product hygiene and safety standards are in place and applied. In order to meet regulatory requirements, the Good Manufacturing Practice standards are applied and a HACCP study is in place. Sethness-Roquette is FSSC 22000 certified since October 2011.

Environmental protection is also a priority for Sethness-Roquette and we have implemented an environmental management system. This represents a strong commitment by Sethness-Roquette's management, aimed at achieving ISO 14001 certification in 2014.


Controlling Food Safety at Sethness-Roquette

food safety system certification

As a responsible player in the food chain, Sethness-Roquette controls food safety risks and has implemented a system enabling it to produce and distribute Caramel Colours deemed safe for human health.

The Caramel Colours have been subjected to extensive regulatory evaluation and are used safely worldwide. All of our Caramel Colours conform to the purity criteria defined in the various regulations.

The safety of Sethness-Roquette products is guaranteed, in particular, by the application of HACCP principles (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point defining the control of microbiological, physical or chemical hazards on the various product lines).

The Production and Storage workshops are designed according to product type and application: human foodstuffs regulations are taken into consideration from the design phase for new facilities, enabling Sethness-Roquette to manage product quality risks.

Throughout the manufacturing workshops, the staff conforms to good hygiene practice, defined according to applicable regulations.

All operations and implementations, at each step in the process, are recorded to conform to traceability requirements.

Environmental Protection Policies at Sethness-Roquette

Environmental protection, a priority for Sethness-Roquette, particularly in terms of water and air purity, waste disposal and reduced energy consumption.

Sethness-Roquette's environmental policy is based on the following principles:

  • compliant with regulations and their updates
  • control of environmental parameters and waste management
  • waste reduction and recycling of by-products generated by the activity
  • optimization of consumption (water, energy)
  • prevention and management of major risks

Sethness-Roquette Caramel Colours are naturally biodegradable and are without risk for the environment.

Sethness-Roquette possesses its own waste water treatment plant and equipment for treating its gaseous emissions.